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By the end of 2015, sugar prices had bottomed out and soon after, analysts recorded a clear rise.


So things are looking up. It remains to be seen how strong a trend this is and how long it will continue. Already influences from various sources are felt, for instance, excess production, the currency development of the Brazilian real, and speculative trading.

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Sugar for the middle Kingdom

Construction of the Dafeng refinery is reaching its final stage

As China continues to grow, its wealth is increasing. The rising demand for sugar is evidence of this development and the reason why the country's processing capacities need to be expanded. BMA is delighted to help – with engineering services and equipment for a new refinery at Dafeng.

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Excellent DNA

Available now – the new, extremely compact model of the K3 series: the K3080.

Meet the new addition to our product range of continuous centrifugals, the extremely compact K3080. It has excellent DNA: with more than 500 machines commissioned since 2010, the K3 series has been setting new standards in centrifugal design. The K3080 succeeds the K850 and K1100. It is the perfect solution for use in...

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State of the art, reliable – successful

BMA supplies equipment to Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing

StateAn extraction tower and a countercurrent cossette mixer – these are the items of equipment BMA is supplying to Japan’s largest sugar producer. What Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing wants to achieve is greater reliability for the next campaign.

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Our path to success

Engineering, procurement, construction: BMA provides complete solutions.

Every order may be unique and specific to one customer, but engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects from BMA are a consistent and reliable standard. We are committed to delivering expert solutions made in Germany anywhere in the world.

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BMA opens Hong Kong office

Strengthening sales in the SEAP region

Physical proximity to customers and providing personal and technical assistance are the keys to continuing business success. With Hong Kong, BMA has placed a new pin on its map of sales offices.

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Faster, higher, stronger

The Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger” characterised last summer’s Games in Rio de Janeiro. It also aptly describes the development of BMA’s product business. With sales of well over 200 centrifugals in 2016, BMA has consolidated its top position as the world’s leading supplier of centrifugals to the sugar industry. We were able to strengthen products from BMA in our regular markets, as well...

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A “tachito” for El Salvador

The advantages of a seeding system from BMA

Since 2014, BMA have been working very closely with Grupo CASSA from El Salvador. Our common goal is to improve energy efficiency and sugar output of their Izalco and Chaparrastique cane sugar factories.

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A strategy that is proving successful

The Bruckner tank: three reference projects for BMA Russia

Collaboration between the R&D department at our main site in Braunschweig, Germany, and BMA Russia has resulted in a product that enhances our portfolio for the sugar sector: the Bruckner tank. It removes sediment sludge and ensures thorough cleaning of the circulating flume water.

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From the laboratory to practical application

Why science is of particular importance at BMA

At BMA, we continuously improve our plants and machinery, based on scientific findings from tests, which we use in product development.

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Steam power

A special drying system for sewage treatment

It takes up very little space, saves up to 95 percent of energy for drying, works fast and produces no smells: the drying of sewage sludge using superheated steam. Beet sugar factories have been relying on this technology for some time, but for sewage treatment plants, it is a new approach to sludge disposal and capacity extension.

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The renaissance of juice purification from Braunschweig

Sugar factories and refineries opt for a tried and tested method

BMA has a tradition of developing juice purification systems. Milestones include the “Braunschweig Juice Puri cation System 65” and its successor “BMA 78”. The focus of current projects is on upgrading and optimising existing systems and building new ones.

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Teamwork 4.0

Plans for digitalisation and networks in BMA’s workshops

For some time now, Industry 4.0 has been the term you hear whenever the conversation turns to the future orientation of mechanical and plant engineering companies. If manufacturers and researchers are to be believed, entirely new and pro table business models can be established with the digitalisation and networking of products.

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"The BMA Engineering Network holds a real treasure"

An interview with Carsten Rehbock, Senior Manager Engineering

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BMA America offers improved service at Greeley

Based in Greeley, Colorado, BMA America has been working on the American continent for several decades. Our range of products and services includes the sale of equipment and spare parts, as well as service and maintenance.

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The next chapter in a success story

BMA Automation completes process control system for the Agrosnabsakhar factory

BMA have maintained a fruitful partnership with the Agrosnabsakhar sugar factory, based in Elets in Russia, since 2010. Our subsidiary BMA Automation has played a key role in the factory conversion.

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More efficiency, less effort

Smart Sequencing for centrifugals in a cluster

Better performance and lower operating costs – these goals are becoming ever more important for the sugar industry. Also in the use of batch centrifugals. BMA focuses especially on improving their energy efficiency.

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The force of water

A new addition to our range of manufacturing methods: water jet cutting

From thermal separation to welding and to moulding, and from machining to surface finishing: BMA uses many different metalworking techniques in its workshops. Now we have further expanded our vertical integration with water jet cutting.

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Operating for success

The VKT – a highly efficient process solution

More than 30 years have passed since the first vertical continuous pan (VKT) was commissioned in Germany. Since then, the apparatus has become more and more widely used. Initially in European beet sugar factories; then, in 1995, the first VKT for high-purity products (massecuite purity of about 99.5 percent) was installed in Dubai. In recent years, it...

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Into a new dimension

Construction of Russia’s largest beet sugar factory is progressing well

Not far from the Russian town of Kirsanov, a beet sugar factory is taking shape that will eclipse all other factories in the country. The plants, due to be commissioned by 2021, include evaporator technology from BMA.

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The right place to talk

Trade fairs and conferences play an important part for BMA

Even though business is an increasingly digital world, there is nothing like a face-to-face talk at one of our industry’s trade fairs or conferences.

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BMA offers glimpses of the company on the social media

Social media are gaining in importance – also for BMA. Our new company pro les on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other similar websites provide exciting opportunities to find out more about the BMA Group and its global activities.

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OVC for Schweizer Zucker AG in Aarberg

On 29 February 2016, a leap day, Schweizer Zucker AG (SZU) based in Aarberg, Switzerland, placed an order with BMA for supply and installation of a vertical cooling crystalliser with oscillating tube bundles (OVC).

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For optimum discharge

Upgrades improve centrifugal performance and efficiency

Sugar factories and refineries upgrade their centrifugals to keep them up to date, for better performance, efficiency, functionality and hygiene. BMA has now upgraded twelve centrifugals at Nordzucker AG’s Klein Wanzleben factory near Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

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Experiences that pay off

BMA supplies key equipment for Al Reef sugar refinery

The sugar industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) is growing: existing refineries are increasing their capacity and new plants are under construction. BMA is proud to be involved in many of these projects – such as the construction of the Al Reef refinery in Saudi Arabia. Our customer: Biomass Industries Associates (BIA).

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To the last detail

BMA Brazil: study to increase the extraction output of diffusers

Brazil is the number one sugar producer and exporter in the world. In this major market, BMA is represented by its subsidiary BMA Brasil Equipamentos Industriais – manufacturing the latest generation of centrifugals and providing engineering services.

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