Small but special

A sugar factory with special requirements: Le Galion on Martinique

The Galion sugar factory on the Caribbean island of Martinique is both a major cultural site and an economic asset. BMA has been involved in the factory’s development for many years.

Founded in 1861, Le Galion is Martinique’s only remaining sugar factory. In its own distillery, it produces rum in addition to sugar. BMA has been working with Le Galion since 1962. The first equipment we supplied were continuous centrifugals, evaporators and batch pans.

Brought up to date

Since 2016, the factory has been undergoing continuous upgrading. To start with, BMA supplied a new batch pan that has replaced the original one. Next in line was the evaporator station, which was brought up to date to meet the requirements of the new co-generation boiler house. A first falling-film evaporator (FFE) for use as the first effect was commissioned in 2018. Because of the low ceiling in the Galion factory, BMA built a custom FFE (1,200 m²), a challenge we were pleased to deal with for Le Galion. Our solution was to equip it with an external separator. Since there is no piping specialist on Martinique, the plant had to be pre-assembled. Commissioning was successful and Le Galion now produces thick juice with a more constant Brix value. Next, BMA installed a second batch pan and an FFE for use as the second effect.

Listening to all concerns

From all our face-to-face contacts with the customer, we understand why BMA is appreciated so much as a partner for collaboration: because we listen to all concerns they raise and because we deliver tailor-made solutions. Even as a small enterprise, Le Galion feels valued as a customer. Plus, the factory benefits from BMA’s efficient, high-quality equipment and services. The BMA team always enjoy seeing first-hand how Le Galion is thriving.