Proactive plant inspection

Producing sugar is extremely hard work for all the machinery and equipment in a sugar factory. Preventive maintenance inspections can help factory operators ensure the availability and reliability of their plants. Such inspections are highly likely to detect age-related wear and tear, material fatigue and a wide range of other hidden sources of damage well before the plant will actually break down.

You can help maximise the output of your factory during the upcoming campaign by making an appointment for an inspection by the plant experts from BMA. As a leading manufacturer of machine technology for the sugar industry, we know plants inside out. BMA have many years of expertise in design issues and know all about the loads on a plant throughout the campaign. Thorough preparation and smooth implementation of maintenance inspections are especially important to our service technicians. Work safety is, of course, not forgotten either.

After the inspection, we will give recommendations for quick emergency repairs and sustainable modernisation concepts at your request. Thanks to their excellent training background, our service technicians know exactly what parts are needed, including those from third-party manufacturers. We document all actions and results in a comprehensive inspection report and in the BMA plant records.  

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