Excellent DNA

Over the past 50 years, BMA has launched several types of continuous centrifugals, each new model advancing with our vast field experience and our customers' very high requirements. In line with our vision Passion for Progress we have invested a lot of our energy into the research and development of continuous centrifugals.

The result of our persistent efforts are high-end centrifugals with excellent DNA that are used with great success in almost all sugar-producing countries around the globe.

Excellent DNA

The K3080 is an addition to the K series. It is ideal for operation in refineries and as a successor to the K850 and K1100 machines. High efficiency, a very high level of customisation and ease of operation, e.g. thanks to the plug-and-produce principle, are among its convincing benefits.

Straight lines, right angles, outstanding performance

The K3300 was launched in 2009. Its square design made it stand out among continuous centrifugals. In addition, it is a hard-wearing machine that also meets high hygiene standards and permits higher throughputs than previous models.

Perfect fit

The K2 series, available since the mid-1990s, is the first machine to come with a modular design.

Two in one

The continuous "two-in-one" centrifugals require extremely little space and provide for affination and melting within one single machine.

The DS

The K1500 DS normally comes as a basket-in-basket version and allows higher throughputs.

New: with turbo

The K1300 boasts a yet higher throughput and improved rubber buffer support. A turbo product distributor is used for the first time.

Wide range of new options

Benefits of the K1100 include a syrup separator, mixing and melting device and a separate motor bracket. It also has a higher throughput.

Easy to maintain

The K1000 comes with an oil lubrication system.

The 1960s

In the mid-1960s, the K850 is enhanced with a central feed system and a double-walled distribution pipe. Its throughput is now even higher.

The first K centrifugal

Small size, sturdy design, a 3-stage basket: the key assets of the first K machine from BMA.