A first-class business

For over 100 years, BMA has provided young people with first-class training, helping them to get started in their job. We share our knowledge with the next generation – and receive plenty in return. Once they have completed their training, many apprentices and trainees stay with BMA, helping to delight our customers around the globe every day.

A company with many skills looking for your strengths.

You may be able to use your strengths in a traineeship or apprenticeship at BMA. As a technology leader in the sugar industry, we have a passion for technology and technical skills. What about you? Our mechanics and technicians frequently use numbers in their work, and so do our business specialists. And there is no shortage of opportunities at BMA if you like languages.

As school is coming to an end

Soon you will be a successful school leaver. What next? Listen to yourself. You have many gifts, talents and passions. Surely you should choose a future career to match them.




Which is why apprentices and trainees opt for BMA

We may be a global company with an international customer base – but most BMA products are developed and built in Braunschweig. Which is why we need employees with a wide range of skills and occupations. Consequently, we offer an equally wide range of training opportunities. Click here to see our training opportunities.

BMA currently has more than 30 apprentices and trainees at different stages of their training. Plenty of opportunity for exchanging ideas and experiences. Why not join our team of committed young BMA apprentices and trainees!

We are professionals in business – and when it comes to training young people. To not just meet but, if possible, exceed today’s training standards, we have set up PRO ASS, a company dedicated to apprentice and trainee education.

Once they have passed their final tests, many apprentices and trainees stay with BMA. Development is continuous – also for our employees. With our training-at-work programme, we help you develop your career after you have completed your apprenticeship or traineeship.

With BMA, interested and well-qualified technical staff have the opportunity to work on international projects across the globe. Click here to read more.

What we are looking for

Every year, BMA is looking for young, goal-minded people who will bring commitment and enthusiasm to the apprenticeships and traineeships we offer. Join BMA to learn the things you do not yet know.

Have we got you interested in completing a first-class apprenticeship or traineeship at BMA? Then we look forward to receiving your online application!