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Date: 20.08.2021

Time: 09.00 - 09.30 AM CET

Speaker: Dr Omkar Thaval

Topic: Sucrose losses in a falling-film evaporator configuration in a cane sugar factory

Sucrose inversion due to high temperature and/or low pH and a long residence time in these conditions result in undetermined sucrose losses. One of the areas where high sucrose losses are expected to occur in a cane sugar factory is the juice evaporation station; especially factories which achieve high levels of steam efficiency and operate with evaporator types that tend to have longer residence-times.

In this webinar, Dr Omkar Thaval presents sucrose loss measurements across individual falling-film evaporators and the entire falling-film evaporator station. The measured sucrose losses are compared to the predicted sucrose losses and measured sucrose losses in other evaporator configuration (rising-film). The effect of juice composition, evaporator operating conditions and juice residence-time on sucrose losses are discussed. Dr Thaval also presents the increased revenue for sugar factories due to reduced sucrose losses across falling-film evaporator configuration

Learn more about the importance of Sucrose losses in a FFE in this webinar. Use the Q&A session to get in contact with our certified technical staff.

Language: English

Date: TBD

Time: 11.00 - 11.30 AM CET

Speaker: Sven Mysliwiec

Topic: Safety inspections for centrifugal baskets: EDDY CURRENT testing.

In many countries, centrifugals are installations that require inspection and as such they must be checked at regular intervals. Regardless of any legal requirements, we as a centrifugal manufacturer advise our customers to have their centrifugal baskets inspected regularly by certified technical staff. Inspections focus on the openings, the weld seams and the basket hubs in centrifugals.

Learn more about the importance of this Eddy Current testing method. Use the Q&A session to get in contact with our certified technical staff.

Language: English

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