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Date: Thursday, 26.11.2020

Time: 11.00 AM CEST

Speaker: Dr Mirko Löhn

Topic: The crystallisation of sugar substitutes – from the laboratory to industrial production.

In this webinar, Dr Mirko Löhn takes a closer look at the crystallisation process of sugar substitutes. He outlines the different characteristics of non-sucrose sugar, to explain why sugar crystallisation is a process of key importance for the industry. Dr Löhn shows that product-specific scientific research is essential before sugar substitutes can be scaled up to permit mass production at a competitive cost. With its expertise, BMA provides consulting services to a number of sectors, namely the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. This knowledge helps to leverage innovative business opportunities and develop product innovations for the market. BMA creates solutions for sugar and sweeteners, relying on over 150 years of industry knowledge.

Why not take the opportunity to join the Q&A session after the presentation!

Language: English

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