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Date: Thursday, 25.02.2021

Time: 14.00 CET

Speaker: José Garrido

Topic: Webinar: Dynfas - contactless massecuite measurement

In this webinar, José Garrido takes a closer look at the Dynfas device from BMA. This unique device allows a contactles measurement of layer thickness for batch centrifugals. It can replace or complement a mechanical measurement and control system, permitting an automated, consistent massecuite throughput and lower water consumption.  It automatically detects overloarding and corrects automatically.  Get a higher sugar yield with this device. Learn more about the ROI - Return of investment - for the implementation of DynFas in your batch centrifugal.

More information in this webinar.

Language: English

Hendrik Wiesner Webinar

Date: Thursday, 06.05.2021

Time: 11.00 AM CET

Speaker: Hendrik Wiesner

Topic: Next generation OVC

More information coming soon

Language: English

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