Dhaka Sugar Refinery


Dhaka Sugar Ltd.


Hoshendi, Bangladesh



Dhaka Sugar Ltd. places order with BMA.

2021 - 2023

Start of delivery.


Expected start of commissioning.

Machinery and equipment for a refinery, incl. supply of piping and cabling; measuring devices and automation system.


  • Detailed Engineering
  • Assistance
  • Assembly supervision  
  • Supervision of local manufacturing/training
  • Commissioning


Technical Data

Refinery capacity 3,000 t/d
R1 sugar 10 % with up to 18 IU
R1-R4 sugar 90 % mixture with up to 45 IU
Sugar yield 98%
Steam consumption up to 0.73 t/d


  • Layout changed after start of assembly
  • Temporary use of warehouses for raw sugar and soy beans
  • Power cuts due to energy supply shortages
  • Climate conditions present a particular challenge
  • Extensive involvement of the BMA subsidiaries