Social Responsibility at BMA

Development opportunities for all

The employees, apprentices and trainees at BMA are driven by different goals. While some of them strive for professional development, others would like to spend more time with their families. We will gladly support all of them on their own path. With projects such as our Kinder-Werk crèche facility or the PRO ASS training cooperative, we aim to improve the development opportunities for our employees and people of any age from the Braunschweig region.


Family or career? This is a choice that BMA employees do not have to make. They can leave their children in the loving care of the Kinder-Werk crèche staff. Kinder-Werk is a joint project by BMA, the Braunschweig region's employer's association, the BLSK/Nord LB bank, the Öffentliche Versicherung insurance company, and the companies eck*cellent IT GmbH and HUP AG. In setting up the crèche facility in 2009, BMA demonstrated its foresight in a society that is increasingly striving to achieve compatibility of family and career.

BMA Foundation

Since 1978, the BMA Foundation has been providing support to young scientists, as well as training, education and childcare. One example is the organisation Kinder-Werk, which has been receiving support and funding from the BMA Foundation for some years now.


The future belongs to perfectly trained professionals. PRO ASS, a service company of the BMA Group, provides young people with a good professional education, while guaranteeing high-quality further training or retraining opportunities for adults in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. The range of training options offered by PRO ASS is available not only to BMA employees, trainees and apprentices, but to companies in the entire Braunschweig region, who can thus benefit from the well-equipped BMA training workshops and competent teaching staff – a concept for success, not just for individual people but for the whole region.


You may equate retirement with boredom – but that’s not the case at AntiRost Braunschweig. AntiRost, a non-profit association for retired craftsmen and women and industry workers, provides opportunities for people with similar interests to learn new skills and share their knowledge with others. Since 2004, AntiRost has occupied a workshop on the premises of Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG, making BMA one of its first major sponsors. The refurbished 100-year old factory building houses a range of workshops for practising both crafts and arts. AntiRost is particularly committed to helping children and young people find their way in life and in the world of work.

BMA, "Haus der Wissenschaft" sponsor

In 2007, Braunschweig held the title “City of Science”, and at that time the long-term project “Haus der Wissenschaft” (House of Science) was born. The sciences occupy an important role in our society and BMA therefore supported the concept of a “Haus der Wissenschaft” as a forum for exchange between the public, politics, industry and culture on the one hand and science and research on the other right from the start.

Building bridges

Building bridges” is a project by the Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg community foundations that involves public welfare organisations submitting project proposals to companies in the region. BMA believes in and fully supports this kind of social engagement. Which is why we let our employees take leave for a day to help out in the organisation selected.