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Research and development

Research at your service

For many years, we have been testing new and innovative methods for customers in the BMA laboratory and pilot plant. Our work there focuses on the mechanical separation of solids and liquids as in extraction or centrifugation in sugar production. Another focus is on thermal methods for drying a variety of products for the biomass and food industries. Our pilot plant features a scaled-down steam dryer, which has a state-of-the-art process control system. It uses superheated water vapour for extremely energy-efficient drying. There is also the option of developing new crystallisation methods, particularly for sugar and sugar alcohols.

In our laboratory, we can run extensive quality control tests on raw materials and finished products. This permits the conditioning of raw materials such as sugar beet in upstream process steps, making them perfectly suitable for and easy to feed into the drying process. We use the resulting test data to prepare detailed reports for our customers, as a basis for the design of their technical plants.

In addition to testing, we also rely on the laboratory and pilot plant in the development of our own equipment and methods. This puts BMA one step ahead at all times, maintaining our competitiveness today and in the future.

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