B-series centrifugal discharger upgrade Kit

Discharger & discharge valve actuator for the B-series (batch centrifugal).

Time is money. Discharger upgrade.

One key benefit of the R-type discharger system is the maximised discharge contact length. The discharge plough extends across almost the entire height of the basket hub, saving 10 seconds per discharge cycle. A maintenance-free cylinder with hydraulic brakes prevents uncontrolled swinging into the product layer. The hydraulic circuit within the cylinder is a closed system. Installation outside the sugar area prevents contamination of the product.


  • Higher throughput by increasing number of batches
  • Efficient discharging
  • Maintenance-free components
  • Easy to replace thanks to identical fitting dimensions

The upgrade kit comprises

  • Discharger
  • Discharge plough with support for discharger rod
  • Magnet valve
  • Elbow plug
  • Pilot valve with coil

Installation is performed by a centrifugal specialist from BMA.


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