K3080 continuous centrifuge: the most compact K3-series continuous centrifugal

Meet the new addition to our product range of continuous centrifugals machine: the K3080. It has excellent DNA: with more than 500 centtrifugal machines commissioned since 2008, the continuous centrifugal K3 series has been setting new standards in centrifugal design.

So why introduce a new model? It’s quite simple really: the K3300F was developed for high throughputs such as found mainly in large beet or cane sugar factories. But the BMA range lacked a model geared to the requirements of smaller factories and refineries – until now.

The K3080 is a third-generation continuous centrifugal with an upper basket diameter of 1,080 mm. It is designed to process approx. 17 t / h of A product (refinery), 15 t / h of B product or 10 t / h of C product. Clearly, the actual throughput depends on operating conditions such as the massecuite properties.

The key features of the new K3080: it is smaller than the K3300, but as efficient and with the same quality characteristics.

From the same family

BMA are experts in centrifugal design with professional knowledge of the processes in sugar factories and refineries. With these combined skills, we develop solutions that set standards in the market. Based on the K3300, our K3080 meets the highest technological standards. All parts that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel, a major benefit in hygiene. The machine was designed with a focus on efficiency, modularity and usability.

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