Contactless measurement of sugar layer thickness for batch centrifugals.

Improved: throughput & water consumption.

DynFAS FS for batch centrifugals is a contactless system for the measurement and control of layer thickness in BMA batch centrifugals. It can replace or complement a mechanical measurement and control system, permitting an automated, consistent sugar throughput and lower water consumption.




  •  Quick ROI
  •  Automated control of the selected layer thickness
  •  Optimised layer thickness
  •  Requires less maintenance than a mechanical charging sensor
  •  Quick and reliable error detection
  •  Consistent, optimised throughput
  •  Detects overloading and corrects it automatically
  •  Wash water control based on layer thickness > lower water consumption and increased sugar yield

The upgrade kit comprises

  •  DynFAS FS sensor
  •  Radar-wave guide unit
  •  Rinsing device
  •  Cable set
  •  Integration of control system with BMA software
  •  Documentation
  •  Optional: positioner for stop valve

The upgrade must be performed by a centrifugal specialist from BMA.


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