BMA America: another good year at the new site

More customers thanks to service and spare parts business

In July 2021, BMA America celebrated its second anniversary at the new site in Charlotte, North Carolina. Strengthening its core competencies Sales, Spare Parts, Service, Engineering and Project Management has yielded excellent results. BMA America is the partner for customers in the Americas. 

Service and spare parts agreements for growth 

Despite the Covid pandemic, sales in the past business year exceeded those in the previous twelve months. This growth was largely due to an increase in the service business in Latin America and to the excellent development of the spare parts business in North America.  

Although some BMA America customers postponed the implementation of investment projects, there is much to indicate that business activity will soon pick up again. 

Strong order backlog

A rise in the number of orders for the second year running is proof that customers are more than happy with the products and services that BMA America offers. Quotes and orders are being processed even faster, demonstrating increasing efficiency.  

BMA America finished the year with a larger order backlog than planned, which sets the stage for continued success in 2022. 

Better processes, greater customer satisfaction

BMA America is working to further improve its processes, methods and range of products and services, aiming for even greater customer satisfaction.  

The subsidiary’s focus on the value-adding activities of the BMA Group will help strengthen customer relationships and consolidate its leading position in the sugar industry.