At the heart of sugar refining

New refinery construction for Dafeng Yinmore Sugar is progressing well

“Dafeng illustrates China’s desire to set standards in the global economy – also in sugar production.”

In Dafeng, our customer Dafeng Yinmore Sugar’s new refinery has been growing ever taller for over a year now. The factory complex is located just three kilometres from the coast, on a reclaimed land site. A whole new industrial area will be developed here, with excellent links to global trade routes.

Here and there, new industrial plants are rising from the vast land-claimed expanses of sand. For the people who are going to work there, Dafeng Port already has places to live, eat and shop. Though many buildings on the industrial site are still empty, that will change once production starts.

At the heart of the factory complex

Construction of the new Dafeng Yinmore Sugar refinery is also progressing well. The imposing raw sugar silo is already in place: it has an 80 m diameter and stands a proud 40 m tall. Just a stone’s throw away, the building section for sugar conditioning and packaging is under construction, next to the vast hall for storing the refined sugar.

The heart of the factory complex is a building that houses the core sugar refinery process, the so-called sugar house. At the end of the third quarter of 2017, assembly of all BMA process stations started – another milestone in the project. Ranging from components for dissolving raw sugar to parts for evaporation and crystallisation, and to centrifugals and dryers, BMA has supplied almost all major machinery equipment and apparatus for the refinery process.

Assembly of large plants almost complete

Twelve batch pans were assembled first, in September. That meant the roof of the sugar house could be completed before the first snowfall, and the factory complex weatherproofed. Assembly of the falling-film evaporator station started shortly before the end of the year. In spring, a vertical continuous pan and a cooling crystalliser followed. Installation of these items is almost complete. 

Once the welding and assembly of the large components are finished, the precision work will start. This includes assembly of eleven batch centrifugals (E1810) and five continuous machines (K3300) from BMA. So there is plenty to do before the commissioning of the sugar house, due in the summer.