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BMA repairs extraction tower at Südzucker’s Offstein plant

BMA machinery and equipment are known for their superior quality and durability. And if a problem does arise, customers can rely on our service technicians for corrective maintenance and repair. As did Südzucker AG, in the case of a damaged extraction tower (built in 1986) at its Offstein plant. By the start of the campaign, it was ready for service again.

Extraction tower: prompt support by site supervisor from BMA

A key factor in the success of this project was the excellent collaboration between the Service Team from BMA and Südzucker. At the end of the 2020/21 campaign, our customer had asked for the damage to be assessed as quickly as possible. A site supervisor from BMA provided prompt support, appraising the situation and determining the necessary repair steps.

Removal and refitting by BMA

We started with the repair of the extraction tower in February 2021. This involved removal and refitting of eight flights and eleven stops, as well as replacement of the deformed outer section.  

Our customer opted for new flights and stops made from stainless steel. Since the damaged flights were located below the discharge section, our first task was to build platforms that would provide better support for our service technicians. The BMA Service Team therefore cut an opening into the discharge section, permitting the safe and efficient removal of the old parts and refitting of the replacements. 

Extraction plant ready to go for the new campaign

As agreed, the repaired extraction tower was handed off to Südzucker in early September 2021, before the start of the new campaign. The professional repair by our Service Team was made possible by the customer’s rapid response and order promptly placed with BMA.

Inspection packages from BMA for extraction towers

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