A special passion

Research and development are key factors of our success

Since its beginnings, BMA has developed many technical innovations. That is reflected in our vision, Passion for Progress. The focus is especially on our Research & Development (R&D) team, the BMA department that transforms this vision into reality.

At BMA, we continuously work to improve our equipment, enhancing processes and machinery and widening their area of application. 

Many different steps are required for this: collecting ideas, rating them and selecting the best. And, of course, their implementation. From creating concepts to building prototypes, to proof of functionality in application. Right from the start, development includes the verification of property rights. Last but not least, we prepare documentation for our customers, for illustration purposes and as product documentation.

Innovations in design, engineering and automation

The Research & Development team coordinates development activities in the different departments, where design, engineering and automation experts continuously work on BMA products. And ideas from the Research & Development department itself also bring innovation. With their expertise in sugar technology and biomass processing, our R&D colleagues form a strong team. 

Exchanges with higher education drive innovation at BMA, too: in work placements and Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertations, students can develop and apply their knowledge in practice.

Where development starts: our laboratory and research centre

Our laboratory and research centre offer the Research & Development team valuable testing capabilities. The laboratory is where BMA starts sugar technological analyses, tests material samples using a range of methods, and runs small-scale crystallisation experiments. 

The research centre offers opportunities on a larger scale, for the crystallisation of sugar, or drying using heated air or superheated steam. Mobile receiver tanks and processing plants permit flexible test setups.