Carrinho Group and BMA are strengthening the Angolan sugar industry

New sugar refinery in Benguela Province marks a huge step towards country’s self-sufficiency

The Angolan Carrinho Group is pursuing its aim of strengthening domestic food production to reduce dependency on imports. One major step towards this goal is the expansion of its state-of-the-art food industrial complex in Benguela Province, which already comprises several large plants. In partnership with BMA, Carrinho is building a sugar refinery that will be the largest of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a processing rate of 3,000 tpd. 

Carrinho Group and BMA: a partnership for Angola’s largest sugar factory 

The new sugar refinery at Benguela in the west of Angola marks a major step towards the country’s sugar self-sufficiency. With its planned processing capacity, production will exceed domestic demand and thus provide the basis for significant sugar export opportunities.  

BMA completed the preliminary design for the sugar refinery in 2020. We have recently started on the detailed engineering, preparing accurate plans and specifications for project implementation. 

BMA supplies key sugar process equipment to Carrinho Group 

BMA will supply not only the main machinery, equipment and technology for the Angolan sugar refinery, but also the DCS, which is crucial for efficient operation of the whole plant.  

The scope of supply includes a revolving-arm mingler, three melters, three evaporators, a vertical continuous pan (VKT) and nine batch pans. And that is not all: the customer has also ordered ten strike receivers, five distribution mixers, ten batch centrifugals and six continuous machines, two drum dryers and two fluidised-bed coolers. 

Carrinho Group and BMA boost sugar sector development 

The family-run Carrinho Group opted for this partnership with BMA because of our extensive expert knowledge and the fact that we can manufacture almost all necessary plants and equipment ourselves. Our in-depth knowledge of the sugar industry combined with our specialisation in advanced technologies and energy efficiency were other major factors. BMA’s focus on low energy and water consumption is of considerable importance for sustainable development in the sugar sector. 

Customer-centric communication: BMA and Carrinho Group in harmony 

Another crucial factor in our partnership with the Carrinho Group is our commitment to communication on an equal footing. This is of particular importance for customers like Carrinho, who have limited experience of the sugar sector. The Carrinho Group especially values BMA’s approach of focusing on and responding to each customer’s specific needs and challenges. 

Carrinho Group refinery to be commissioned in 2025 

Commissioning of the new sugar refinery at the Benguela food industrial complex is scheduled for mid-2025. This partnership between the Carrinho Group and BMA will significantly help to strengthen domestic food production in Angola.