A passion that unites

A truly international team, also on the football pitch

BMA has a network of subsidiary companies and sales offices that spans the globe. People from over 25 nations work at BMA’s main site in Braunschweig alone. This is reflected in our football team.

We are proud to be truly international – also in football. The BMA team unites colleagues from Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, El Salvador, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, and, of course, Germany. It is made up of players of all ages and from all departments.

Keeping fit and team building

We meet for practice every two weeks in an indoor arena and the players all agree: this is a great opportunity to keep fit – and to meet colleagues you would not normally have much to do with at work. It illustrates perfectly that sport has the power to bring people together.

We’re with Pelé

Our team has already taken part in various tournaments against other companies. Thus far, our best result has been 6th place, but consolation is taken from Pelé’s quote: “The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” There was much cheering when the BMA team was recently awarded a trophy for having the tournament’s best goalkeeper.

And let us not forget that the main aim is not to be the best football team in the world, but to unite people in a common passion – the Passion for Progress.