BUA refinery in Lagos: BMA supplies nine centrifugals

E1810 machines can be connected with smart4sugar

Within the Nigerian sugar industry, the BUA Group has an exceptional position, since it is the only one among the large-scale enterprises that runs a sugar refinery in and another refinery outside Lagos. All factories of the BUA Group rely on state-of-the-art technology, and they can count on BMA as a reliable partner in this matter – that’s also the case with the latest project for the supply of nine centrifugals.

E1810 and K3300 centrifugals for Lagos

For the refinery in Lagos, the BUA Group purchased nine centrifugals including eight E1810 batch machines and one K3300 continuous machine.

Due to the pandemic situation, the nine machines were commissioned in two phases: The first group of machines came on stream in May 2021 and the second group in November. 

Decisive factors for this successful project were the good collaboration of BUA and BMA, modern digital communication possibilities and a high efficiency.

E1810 centrifugals from BMA: Connection with smart4sugar

With centrifugals from BMA, the BUA Group will take on a pioneer role in digitalisation. In sub-Saharan Africa, the BUA refinery in Lagos is one of the first sugar factories that can be connected with BMA smart4sugar®.

All eight of the E1810 batch centrifugals are equipped with a router to connect them with smart4sugar, the digital platform for the sugar industry.

Long-time partnership of BMA and BUA

BMA has successfully worked with the BUA Group in the years before: in 2010, Eastern Sugar Refinery in Port-Harcourt (eastern Nigeria) purchased equipment from BMA, and in 2016, equipment and services for the new cane sugar plant at Lafiagi came from BMA, as part of the LASUCO project (get more information here: BMA Info 56-2018).