Mixers and minglers – not just accessories

BMA range comprises standard and custom solutions 

In addition to the main equipment for processing sugar cane and beet, such as extraction towers, diffusers, vacuum pans and centrifugals, there is also plenty of ancillary equipment: strike receivers, melters, distribution mixers and minglers are just some examples. All of them are equally important in helping the process run smoothly.

Planning is key 

Mixers are far more than simple vessels. They are used, for instance, for melting magma. The configuration and size of a mixer is important, which means that the size of a sugar factory and the available surface area need to be considered in the planning process. BMA offers a broad range of machinery and equipment for the sugar house. Needless to say, every item is compliant with the EU Machinery Directive. 

Strike receivers: sturdy design for high loads 

Massecuite is fed from the vacuum pan into the strike receiver, which keeps the crystals moving before the centrifugals separate them from the mother liquor. This helps prevent the formation of conglomerates and caking. The strike receiver’s design must be sturdy to absorb the high loads when the crystal suspension is discharged. It also needs a strong shaft and paddle. 

Standard strike receivers from BMA have volumes ranging from 10 to 230 m³. One customer benefit is their adjustable length: they can be shortened or lengthened as required – all other properties remain the same. If on-site assembly is easier to implement, BMA can deliver an order in several consignments. Strike receivers can also be used as a seed massecuite receiver.  

Melters: keeping it flowing 

A melter is used to dissolve B raw sugar, B-C sugar or crystal suspensions in a medium (condensate, water, syrup from the centrifugal) before they are processed further. The agitators inside the vessel serve to maintain the flowability of the product. Melters are u-shaped troughs with diameters ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 mm. Their configuration and the number of chambers are determined by BMA based on the process parameters. 

Distribution mixers: quick and even product feed 

A distribution mixer ensures optimum loading of the centrifugals, meaning: a quick and even product feed. Its agitator homogenises the product and, like in a strike receiver, keeps the crystals moving to prevent caking or the formation of conglomerates. Distribution mixers have a standard diameter of 1 m, which means they can be installed in any sugar factory. A choice of materials is available, even for the base and motor bracket, ranging from black steel to solid stainless steel and depending on the quality of the crystal suspension. 

Minglers: continuous process improvement 

A feature of sugar factories for over 50 years, minglers are continuous atmospheric vessels for mixing sugar crystals with a medium to produce crystal suspensions. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we have been able to continuously improve this BMA equipment. For instance, by reducing the retention time for the mixing of sugar.  

The paddles are designed to deliver a homogeneous end product and prevent caking in the vessel. The filling level is maintained either through discharge via the speed-controlled pump or with an overflow. Minglers are u-shaped troughs with diameters ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 mm. They can be used at various stages of the sugar process: before or after centrifugation, before melting, or in raw sugar reception in a refinery.   

For optimised processes in the sugar house 

BMA not only builds the vessels, we also provide solutions that are tailored to the sugar process. For optimised processes, BMA plans and manufactures complete centrifugal stations – including distribution mixers and minglers. In addition, customers can benefit from BMA’s full range of services, including safe installation, assembly supervision and full assembly