Message from the board

Dear readers,


We are all familiar with it, from our own life and from those around us: growing up, leaving home, maybe starting a family, and possibly moving from a flat into a house – constant change. But if we did not constantly develop and learn, there would be no progress.

To continue our 166-year old success story, we started a new chapter at BMA in 2018. Dr Rolf Mayer, Director and majority shareholder of BMA for many years, left the company in November 2018, joining the SMAG Supervisory Board. His successor, our new CEO Dr Dirk Steinbrink, has joined his colleagues on the Board of Directors, Dr Christian Beer and Mr Uwe Schwanke.

At the same time, SMAG has become the new majority shareholder of BMA. This merger of two large international mechanical engineering companies strengthens the good positions of both Groups, bringing security and creating a wide range of new opportunities for the future. One particular benefit will be the joint use of company sites in promising markets, and of manufacturing facilities.

Our development activities have focused largely on the introduction of cloud-based data analysis for our batch centrifugals, as part of the “smart4sugar” digitalisation initiative at BMA. This opens up completely new ways of optimising centrifugals and increasing their efficiency in operation. Our symposium on “The sugar industry in the digital age” was met with great interest. Around 70 people from four continents came to Braunschweig last November, to hear about the capabilities this technology offers and discuss the related opportunities and risks.

While many of our customers around the globe are facing major challenges because of the economic environment, we have handled and commissioned many projects of various sizes for them. Like its back issues, this year’s BMA Info once again presents a selection of typical and special projects. Each of them came with its own challenges and issues, which we were happy to meet and resolve.

If you have any questions about the articles, or you are looking for ways of resolving your challenges, simply contact us – we’ll be delighted to help!

Kind regards,

BMA board of directors