K3300F – the continuous centrifugal from BMA

New continuous centrifugal model offers wide range of options

The global sugar industry relies on continuous centrifugals from BMA. An update of the K3300F was recently launched – a proven formula for success with new enhanced features: excellent separation, considerable capacity and a high level of automation, low maintenance and a long service life. 

Continuous centrifugals from BMA: excellent DNA

Continuous centrifugals that can be configured to ensure all requirements of the sugar process are perfectly met – this feature in particular contributed to the success of the K3300, first introduced in 2009.  

The machine from BMA has a discharge cone for dry product, and two pipes for discharging dissolved sugar (liquor) from the centrifugal. When a mixing medium is added, the product can be discharged wet as massecuite via either the discharge cone or the integrated pipe loop.

A range of options for you to choose from

Depending on its configuration, the K3300F continuous centrifugal is perfectly suited to produce different intermediate products in the sugar house, such as: 

• seed massecuite by re-mixing centrifuged sugar; 

• standard liquor by dissolving crystals in thick juice in the centrifugal; 

• affination massecuite, which improves the sugar colour in a second separation step of the mother liquor.

Continuous centrifugals meet strict hygiene standards

Even the standard centrifugal model meets strict hygiene standards for food safety in the sugar factory: all parts that come into contact with sugar are made from stainless steel. As an option, the entire housing including the frame and motor bracket can be built from stainless steel. 

The new model: K3300F

In early 2022, BMA launched its updated and further enhanced continuous centrifugal: the K3300F, which replaces the K3300. This latest centrifugal model has all the proven features of the K3300, such as the double-angled basket, which perfectly separates the sugar crystals from the mother liquor.  

Alongside these, the basic model of the K3300F features a sensor for simple and precise setting of the belt tension. Additional sensors monitor the temperature of the bearings. The samplers for sugar and syrup are located at the front for easy access. Their new design permits sampling of both dry sugar and re-mixed sugar or liquor directly from the centrifugal.

Flexible placement of drive motor

The K3300F can be easily adapted to its place of installation. If there is no room for the motor at the back of the machine, it can be positioned at the front or side of the centrifugal, as required at the customer site.  

This feature was of benefit to our customer Tereos: at their place of installation, there was not enough room for the motor at the back of the centrifugal. Thanks to the flexible design of the K3300F from BMA, we were able to offer Tereos an excellent solution.  

Take a look at our product presentation of the K3300F: 

New level of automation

With its smart automation features, the K3300F offers considerable benefits. In addition to the automated feeding of massecuite and a mixing medium, the centrifugal now also comes with automatic wash water application as standard. As an option, the control system can take over the addition of steam.  

The connections for installation of the control valves and flow measurement gauges are located at the back of the centrifugal housing. With these measurement and control features, the K3300F requires very little attention in automatic mode. Another new option is the automatic lubrication of the bearings: this regular maintenance task is performed by the centrifugal control system using a lubricant tank. 

Where semi-automatic operation of the K3300F continuous centrifugal is sufficient, the control system can be configured accordingly. Plug and play make installation of the machine quick and simple.  

Continuous centrifugals from BMA – in demand around the globe

Sugar factories around the globe rely on the K3300 continuous centrifugals from BMA: to date, we have installed more than 800 units worldwide. And several major sugar producers already rely on the K3300F model from BMA, among them Tereos, Südzucker, Nordzucker, Pfeifer & Langen, Cristal Union and Wilmar.