Immediate 24/7 support during the sugar beet campaign

Even in an emergency, customers can rely on BMA 

In an emergency, customers can reach BMA 24/7 on +49 531 804 666. The breakdown of a machine, interrupting production, can result in huge financial losses. Every hour of machine downtime is money lost. What you need in that situation is immediate help without any red tape – even outside office hours and particularly at weekends. 


What is the campaign service? 

You dial the hotline number and the BMA operator on duty takes your call. They speak both English and German, and understand perfectly the situation you are in. They will document the damage and organise immediate help – if necessary, even during the night. Sometimes, the campaign service hotline will only need to put a caller through to a suitable contact who can provide technical support over the telephone. During the beet campaign between September and January, many of our staff are available 24/7 to share their knowledge in an emergency. At other times, a caller will need spare parts urgently. Ideally they will know exactly what they need. In that case, we can check whether the parts are in stock. Together with our Logistics team, we then ensure that they are delivered to the customer in the fastest possible way, generally using a direct courier service.  


At the customer site 

Our campaign service for emergencies also includes staff deployments at short notice. A BMA machine fitter may have to be deployed to a sugar factory, to get an idea of the damage on site. This is also organised by our campaign service. Without the great support by our BMA teams, we would not be able to provide this emergency service during the sugar beet campaign. How you benefit: for a period of four months, our colleagues are available around the clock to deal with any emergency in your sugar factory.  


You know that you can rely on BMA, even in an emergency. If you need to use our campaign service, please call the emergency hotline on +49 531 804 666 – but we wish all our customers smooth-running sugar beet campaigns! 

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