Connected, smart, innovative: digital solutions from BMA

Digital technologies are changing the way we work. They offer a range of opportunities for increasing ­output, also in sugar production.

BMA is working towards connecting machinery and plants, their infrastructures, all services and even logistics processes in a digital network. Such a smart sugar factory will guarantee efficiency in local production, as well as offering many benefits for the globalised sugar industry with its international value chains.

Welcome to a new age

For over 160 years, BMA has been a reliable partner to operators of sugar factories and refineries, taking them through all industrial revolutions. Following mechanisation, the harnessing of electricity and the introduction of electronic control systems in production, we are now supporting our customers in the Industry 4.0 age. We are bundling all initiatives and developments for products and services under our label smart4sugar.

This ensures that components, machinery and plants from BMA are enabled to become an integral part of Industry 4.0 infrastructures. We also make sure that our solutions are future-proof, in a constantly changing production environment.

Applications for the Internet of Things

smart4sugar is what you see – and what you get: our new smart4sugar label marks all machinery and equipment from BMA that is enabled for integration with the Internet of Things (IoT). We have great plans for the future: the next few years will see the gradual roll-out of the ­smart4sugar scheme from BMA to include more plant stations and our ­services.

This development is driven by our digitalisation core team, based at the BMA head office in Braunschweig, Germany. For about the past two years, we have been working hard on our integrated ­smart4sugar platform with leading IT ­partners. We are using selected ­future-proof software solutions and the best cloud technology for the sugar industry – to build strong, secure and innovative ­networks for our machinery, plants and services on the IoT.