Smart enough?

Digital transformation is in full swing. It has an impact on humans and machinery in all areas of life, both at work and at home, and is accompanied by profound and far-reaching changes. It also brings countless opportunities for a better quality of life, revolutionary business models, and efficient management. Digital technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for sugar production too. The concept is simple: integration of preferably all stations and components in the production process, ancillary services and the logistics processes linking everything into a digital network. Tomorrow’s “smart sugar factory” would then be more than a symbol of efficiency at the local production level; it is part of an international value chain in a globalised sugar industry.


BMA has helped operators of sugar factories and refineries through the industrial revolutions of the past. Following mechanisation, the harnessing of first electricity and then information technology, we are now taking our customers into the age of the IoT (Internet of Things). All initiatives and activities, at product level and in after-sales, are now bundled by BMA under its label smart4sugar®. This ensures that our machinery and plants are enabled to become an integral part of Industry 4.0 scenarios in sugar factories. We also make sure that our technology components are future-proof, in a constantly changing production environment.

And we use the smart4sugar® label for our own purpose. Because digitalisation has made inroads into many areas at BMA. Please contact us for more information.

The label

All machinery and plants from BMA that come with components or applications for connecting to a digital production network are now marked with the smart4sugar® label. smart4sugar® is a registered word mark by BMA.

Find out more?

If you would like to find out more about smart4sugar®, please contact our field sales team. Or simply call us now.

01 March 2018

Smart Monitoring for batch centrifugals

From mid-2018, batch centrifugals from BMA will come with a data logger for remote retrieval of operating data.

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From the laboratory to practical application

Why science is of particular importance at BMA

At BMA, we continuously improve our plants and machinery, based on scientific findings from tests, which we use in product development.

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Steam power

A special drying system for sewage treatment

It takes up very little space, saves up to 95 percent of energy for drying, works fast and produces no smells: the drying of sewage sludge using superheated steam. Beet sugar factories have been relying on this technology for some time, but for sewage treatment plants, it is a new approach to sludge disposal and capacity extension.

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