What is smart.monitoring?

As digital transformation is progressing, the storage and processing of machine operating data are gaining in importance. That is also true for the sugar industry. Among the particularly dynamic types of machinery in the production chain are batch centrifugals. With their very high rotational speeds, they separate the sugar crystals from the mother liquor. Which is why it is good to keep an eye on centrifugal operating data at all times – for optimisation and to ensure continuity in production.

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What does smart.monitoring offer?

smart.monitoring gives you access to your centrifugal’s operating data. 

Operating data

Live operating data are available via an online dashboard. You also have the option to look at the data for selected time periods in more detail. Click here to register for access to the demo dashboard.


The online dashboard can be accessed from any web-enabled* device anywhere in the world*. You call up the dashboard in your browser*, no need to install additional software on your device. Data access is therefore possible at any time.


Have messages, warnings and alerts for your centrifugals sent directly to the dashboard on your device when you are off site.

Get ahead of the competition

Keep your sugar factory ahead of the competition by relying on the expertise of the sugar experts from BMA.

Subscription models for smart.monitoring

You can choose from a range of subscription models for smart.monitoring. Read the details to find out which model suits you best.

*Requires a stable and unrestricted internet connection.