Plant upgrades and retrofits

New centrifugal control systems for a successful campaign

In Russia, beet sugar plants are tested to the limits during the campaign. Technical system failures must be avoided at all cost during these three or four months, as they would result in huge financial losses. Which is why sugar factories do their utmost to prepare machinery and equipment for the campaign.


Maintenance and repair by BMA Russia  

Maintenance and repair determine the success of a beet campaign, with continuous and batch centrifugals playing an important part. Customers who opt for centrifugals from BMA can enjoy a range of benefits. For one, the after-sales team from BMA Russia will carry out extensive maintenance work on the centrifugals between campaigns. Technical staff are also available during the beet campaign, to repair any faults as quickly as possible. And the spare parts warehouse keeps a minimum stock of wear parts and major spare parts for all BMA centrifugal types at all times. No other manufacturer of centrifugals can offer such a high level of service in Russia. 


Upgrades of old control systems and frequency converters 

In addition to handling the construction, commissioning, configuration and maintenance of centrifugals, the BMA after-sales team also deals with other complex tasks. BMA engineers will, for instance, handle upgrades of old control systems and frequency converters for BMA centrifugals, quickly and economically.  

In times where manufacturers are launching new accessory parts and discontinuing production of older equipment, upgrades have a high priority. Because prices for standard equipment are rising, deliveries may take several months, and the procurement of spare parts is becoming harder. A difficult situation for sugar factories, as every minute counts during the campaign.  


Upgrades – fewer downtimes and greater reliability 

With equipment upgrades, the engineers from BMA are reducing the risk of extended downtimes while increasing reliability. During an upgrade, it is also possible to integrate new technical and safety-critical features, for a longer service life. The implementation of a plant data collection (PDC) system in the factory forms part of an upgrade. Since safety always comes first in production, we will regularly update your plant to comply with the latest safety standards and regulations. 


Customers can rely on BMA. 

The benefits of BMA services are also available to customers operating centrifugals from other manufacturers. 

State-of-the-art control systems make for more reliable technology. An example: fitting a charging sensor to the basket of a BW-1500S sugar factory centrifugal. Operating staff were complaining about the charging sensor fitted as standard, saying it would often malfunction and was difficult to service. Replacing it with an assembly made by BMA has improved reliability and makes for easier operation.