• DMS Our document management system for organised and transparent data flows

Managing data systematically

The DMS from BMA – now available to our customers

Storing, managing and sharing data and information: for the efficient organisation of large projects, BMA uses a specially developed document management system (DMS). We now offer our customers a tailor-made version of this DMS.

Our DMS is a web-based project information system for managing communication between internal and external project partners. It is the central data source that lets BMA make up-to-date project documents available via a web browser. The DMS allows us to organise data flows while also making them more transparent. Encryption, password protection and different user profiles ensure secure document access.

Together with our customers

What’s new is that we are now making the DMS available to our customers as an interface for communication that is tailored to their requirements. Starting with preconfigured default links, we develop a project structure together with our customers, which is constantly refined and updated. Access to the system is determined by defining project participants and assigning them roles and rights. 

A key pillar: the IEC series of standards

Whatever the size of a project, it requires a suitable document hierarchy. For this purpose, we have implemented standard 61355-1 of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This defines who may create, review and eventually approve documents, thus providing quality assurance and a controlled approval workflow.

Anytime, anywhere

BMA not only acts as administrator for the document management system; our staff also provide user training. What our customers get at the end of a project is an up-to-date company-specific database that they can use and expand independently – anytime and anywhere in the world.