Three letters have a big impact

CSR is firmly rooted in our corporate culture

BMA first defined its company vision in 2005, in a small booklet that has become a big success. It has been reprinted four times, the last time in December 2017. 

The central pillar of BMA’s vision is our corporate social responsibility, as the small vision booklet states quite clearly: “Take care of stakeholders’ interests”. Our stakeholders are our customers, investors and suppliers, our employees and their families, and the society we live in. 

BMA publishes its vision in seven languages, including a printed version in A6 format. “That puts it at our employees’ fingertips”, explains Dr Rolf Mayer of the Board of Directors.

Efforts recognised by IHK Braunschweig

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR for short, forms a major part of our corporate culture. And not just our production teams appreciate what those three letters stand for. In May 2017, BMA was awarded the Social Transfer Prize by the Braunschweig Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). This was in recognition of our joint initiative with the Antirost association, who is active in many projects, one of them the recycling of medical aids for Africa. 

Winner of the 2017 Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award

Just a few weeks earlier, BMA had been presented with the 2017 Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award, partly because of our high share of trainees. Knowledge transfer is BMA’s motto for training bet-
ween 30 and 40 young women and men in commercial and trade occupations every year.

One childcare facility benefits many

A definite plus for young parents: BMA runs a childcare facility on its premises. Places are available to employees of BMA and other companies, and to Braunschweig residents. “Less travelling to and from nursery school makes it easier for our employees to combine family and work”, says Sabine Behrens-Mayer from the BMA Supervisory Board.