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BMA upgrades Nigerian cane sugar factory

BMA has been doing business in Nigeria for about 40 years. As an engineering partner, we played a major role in building the country's first cane sugar factory near Numan in northern Nigeria. Now we are upgrading the factory.

Even during the planning and construction stage, the possibility of an increase in output had been taken into account. Today, the factory is owned by Dangote Sugar Refinery PLC (DSR). As part of the Nigerian Sugar Master Plan (NSMP), the company decided a few years ago on the implementation of a first increase in output from currently 3,000 t/d to about 6,000 t/d of cane sugar.

New drying plant and centrifugals

Once again, the owners chose to rely on expertise and innovations from BMA, who will be supplying the key components for the sugar house. These include the entire drying plant, comprising a drum dryer and ancillary equipment, as well as several continuous and batch centrifugals.

Connection with smart4sugar

Our customer was particularly interested in the innovative digital solutions that BMA can offer. Which is why all batch centrifugals we are supplying will be connected to our smart4sugar platform - a gateway to the use of Industry 4.0 technologies for smart, efficient and sustainable production.

Dangote Sugar Refinery have clearly positioned themselves as a pioneer in the use of digital solutions in Nigeria. The machinery and equipment are due to be delivered and commissioned in 2020. 

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