Success in a new market

The molasses-massecuite mingler for a better way to treat C massecuite

In many countries, our molasses-massecuite mingler (MMM) technology is well-established. Now, it has conquered a new market: Latin America.

The MMM aids in the separation of massecuite from a cooling crystalliser by lowering its viscosity with preheated molasses. This controlled process allows the feeding of centrifugals with massecuite of constant viscosity, which eases the centrifugation process and reduces water or steam consumption in the washing of the massecuite.

So what’s the risk? None.

And what are the benefits of this technology from BMA? When re-heaters are used, there is a risk of local overheating, which can cause melting of the crystals because of the resulting undersaturation. This is not the case when almost saturated molasses is added.

There are new projects for BMA in the Latin American region, such as an order placed by Grupo Saenz in Mexico. Massecuite viscosity is too high for the customer, who is hoping to improve the handling of C massecuite in the centri­fugals with the installation of an MMM in one of his factories. And that is only the start: if our technology meets the expectations of Grupo Saenz, they will implement it throughout the Group’s factories.

Used by more and more factories

Soon, a total of 15 MMM will be in use throughout Latin America. It is a fact that the molasses-massecuite mingler from BMA has secured a permanent place for itself in Latin American cane sugar ­factories.