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Production start at sugar refinery in Eastern China

What started a few years ago with a contract for basic engineering has become reality: in December 2018, Dafeng Yinmore Sugar’s new refinery started production of very high-quality white sugar.

Just over a year after detailed engineering for the entire core sugar process had started, in 2015, BMA already shipped the first machinery and plant components. They were professionally installed, bit by bit, until all parts had been integrated into the process.

International engineering cooperation

Commissioning was a team effort. Process engineers from BMA’s main site in Braunschweig, from BMA America, BMA Russia and BMA China were on site, all of them experts in their field. Apparatus were adjusted, tools calibrated and the automation system configured.

High priority was given to training the operating staff, such as introducing them to how the vertical continuous pan works – equipment that is not at all common in China. The production start was preceded by cold and hot water test runs.

After three weeks of fine-tuning and testing, the first raw sugar was dissolved in the new plants in early December 2018. And it was a success: about 15 hours later, massecuite was for the first time fed into the centrifugals supplied by BMA. It wasn’t long before the dried and cooled sugar had been moved to the conditioning silos, waiting to be packaged.

Great plans for the new factory

And the team effort continues: for the next few months, Dafeng Yinmore and BMA have agreed close collaboration to further optimise the refinery. Our customer’s plan is to become the leading producer of high-quality white sugar in Eastern China.


The Dafeng Yinmore Sugar refinery ­has been equipped with these plants and equipment built by BMA:

  • 1 VKT with five chambers
  • 12 batch vacuum pans
  • 3 falling-film evaporators
  • 11 E1810 batch centrifugals
  • 5 K3300 continuous centrifugals
  • 2 drum dryers
  • 1 horizontal fluidised-bed cooler
  • 2 seed massecuite cooling crystalliser plants
  • 1 cooling crystalliser
  • 2 carbonatation tanks
  • 9 massecuite pumps
  • 1 molasses-massecuite mingler