BMA expands Uzbekistan’s most advanced refinery

Angren Shakar sugar factory: new equipment + improved automation = more output

A new chapter in this success story: Angren Shakar has placed an order with BMA for expansion of its refinery in Uzbekistan. When the factory was commissioned, nine years ago, we were responsible for the technological installations including all machinery, apparatus, piping, electrics and automation. Now the focus for BMA is on increasing output – and the supply of new machinery and equipment.

With help from BMA: a model sugar factory for Angren Shakar

In August 2014, Angren Shakar started production at Uzbekistan’s most advanced sugar factory with a nominal capacity of 1,000 t/d of refined sugar. Within just two years, more than a simple model refinery had emerged with help from BMA: in fact, one of Uzbekistan's most cutting-edge industrial plants. 

Angren Shakar places new order: BMA to expand refinery

Now Angren Shakar has placed an order with BMA for expansion of the refinery from 1,000 to 1,400 t/d of white sugar and for the supply of new ​​machinery and equipment for production.  

BMA can draw on a wealth of experience gained in past expansion projects. Thanks to this expertise and the excellent collaboration during construction of the refinery, Angren Shakar has placed its trust in BMA – a key ingredient of a successful business relationship. 

BMA optimises automation system for Angren Shakar

​​​Automation plays a major role when different systems are combined. For its ​​centrifugals from BMA, Angren Shakar is relying on the smart.sequencing automation system. With the use of state-of-the-art technologies, software deployment and the sequencing principle, centrifugal performance can be significantly improved and operating costs reduced. 

BMA offers a range of different solutions for increasing the output of factories and refineries based on each customer’s specifications. They include new production machinery and equipment, an optimisation of the automation system, and staff training.  

How does smart.sequencing work? 

Support from BMA for restart of sugar factory

BMA will be assisting in the restart of the refinery, as we did nine years ago. It has been agreed with ​​Angren Shakar that production with the higher capacity is due to start in July/August 2023. 

The expansion project for Angren Shakar in Uzbekistan comprises a range of services, from process engineering and piping design, to instrumentation and configuration of the automation system, to a redesign of carbonatation and assembly supervision. Machinery and equipment for the evaporator station, crystallisation, centrifugation and drying are also included in the scope of supply.