A powerful team!

Good staff are a key factor in our success – which is why we believe in training

For over one hundred years, BMA has offered its employees a wide range of career opportunities. If, like BMA, you build innovative plants and equipment for the sugar industry, you need to work with state-of-the-art machinery. Which is why skilled staff who master the latest operation and control technologies are so important to us. Staff who walk through life with open eyes, who are interested in innovation and willing to learn. Because we are at home on the international market.

So what do we do to attract good staff to our company and its engaging tasks? Quite simply this: we’re committed to training. In a big way. Our commitment to offering young people attractive ­traineeships at BMA couldn’t be greater. It’s not just a strategy we follow to meet the demands of the modern working world and our customers’ high standards. But also our contribution to addressing the shortage of skilled workers with highly trained and technically competent staff.

Close ties with universities and schools

To make sure good staff stay with us for the long term, we have a team dedicated to these tasks. Our HR department maintains close ties with many schools and universities in the Braunschweig-­Wolfsburg region and even beyond. We go into schools and look at students’ applications. And we get those who know most about it to talk about training at BMA: our apprentices and trainees, of course. For many young people, these face-to-face talks are the reason for applying to BMA.

Engineering is not just for men. The universities have some exciting schemes offering young women about to leave school an insight into technical careers. Thanks to our close ties with universities, they can spend a whole day at BMA, getting to know our company, our teams and their responsibilities. These young women have many questions for us, which we are always happy to answer.

Our business is international at heart, because we work with people from many different countries. It goes without saying that we give refugees a chance to settle down here. Only recently we organised a tour of our factory in collaboration with the local branch of a charity, giving refugees the opportunity to visit our workshops and see where and how our employees work.

Joining the BMA team is quite simple

To get an idea of the wide range of trainee­ships and apprenticeships at BMA, take a look at our website:
www.bma-worldwide.com/careers. ­It has plenty of information and links to trainee video clips from our BMA YouTube ­channel. They show, for instance, what our young plant mechanics, machinists and electronics technicians have to say about training at BMA. For any young person interested in an ­apprenticeship, commercial training or a dual vocational degree, joining us is quite simple really: complete an online application, send it – done!

We regard the fact that our employees remain loyal to us as a compliment. Many of them have been with us for over ­40 years. Confirmation that we have the right idea about what future-proof, high-quality training should be.