Full capacity

New extraction plant from BMA at Dobrovice

A new plant with new capabilities: BMA has delivered a cossette mixer (6.7 diameter x 8.5 m) to Tereos Dobrovice. It replaces an old mixer (5.6 diameter x 8 m), also built by BMA.

The old mixer, dating from 1984, had been moved from an old factory at Halfweg in the Netherlands to Dobrovice in the Czech Republic. Together with an RT diffuser, the plant had a processing capacity of about 7,000 t/d of beets.

An excellent combination of new and old

Together, the new cossette mixer and RT diffuser will be providing 90 % of the future nominal capacity of 10,000 t/d. The second plant at the factory comprises an extraction tower (7.9 diameter x 19.25 m) and a cossette mixer (5.2 diameter x 8 m; installed by BMA in 1986). Both originate from a factory in Meaux, France, and can process around 6,000 t/d of beets. This plant will stay.

Rain followed by drought

Almost all parts for the new mixer were delivered in time for the start of assembly in mid-June 2018. Work on the construction site was made difficult by heavy rains. At the end of June, we started functional testing, with the mixer shaft’s first rotations.

Because of the dry summer, there were not enough beets for the minimum nominal processing capacity of 7,000 t/d. Which is why 4,000 t/d of beets were processed at the start of the 2018 ­campaign.

Tereos are now looking forward to full capacity use of their new cossette mixer during the next campaign.