• 600 factories worldwide equipped by BMA
  • 600 factories worldwide equipped by BMA

A wealth of experience

Its international focus is a key asset for BMA

Since its beginnings, BMA has implemented thousands of projects for customers across the globe, each of them unique. Our technical, financial, geographical, administrative and time resources form the wealth of experience and expertise we rely on in our projects. 

A single machine, a process station, or a large-scale project – we manage our projects with a suitable approach to ensure success every time. Customers also trust us to transform their complex requirements into tailor-made solutions. We meet the highest standards in technical and cost efficiency, quality and speed – as you’d expect from projects made by BMA.

Global network of expertise and resources

International projects require knowledge of local markets and cooperation between people from different cultures. With our international subsidiaries and local project partners, we maintain a global network of expertise and resources. 

BMA employees everywhere have key skills in engineering, design and procurement, manufacturing, logistics and assembly, automation, commissioning and project management. So we can handle projects efficiently, independently and successfully.

An excellent example is the construction of a refinery with a processing rate of 3,000 tons per day for Al-Reef Sugar Refinery Co. in Saudi Arabia. This project started in late 2016. BIA (Biomass Industries Association), the project company, put BMA in charge of the planning and supply of all key equipment for the process steps evaporation, crystallisation and drying. 

Collaboration between different manufacturing sites

The ambitious schedule set by the customer and his high standards for a complete and perfectly coordinated technical solution required meticulous planning – also in terms of the timely integration of different manufacturing resources. 

Even before the project started and during the manufacturing process, these had to satisfy BMA’s stringent selection criteria, audits and quality management requirements. As a result, thousands of manufacturing hours were safely outsourced to different sites in Europe and Asia. Staff from BMA AG regularly performed quality audits.

This approach was used to produce some of the components for the peripheral equipment, such as the fluidised-bed cooler housings. They were later assembled with heat exchangers made by BMA and dispatched directly to the customer. We will again be relying on this strategy for the manufacture and supply of parts for the large components.