A small refinery with a big effect

Major success for BMA on the American continent

BMA regularly implements refinery projects worldwide. Now we have completed a brand new mini refinery for Sucro Canada in Hamilton, Canada.

The customer’s plan was to convert his liquid sugar plant to a sugar refinery. Once all issues relating to the intended sugar quality and the production parameters had been resolved, BMA started on the detailed engineering for the plant, in close collaboration with the customer.

Focus on crystallisation 

With the plant designed for an output of 350 t/d of refined sugar, the equipment needed for the crystallisation of liquid sugar did not have to be very complex.  

The challenge of this project was to achieve maximum output with a minimum of investment, while producing refined sugar of the required quality standard. 

There was no need to include the plants for raw sugar melting and liquor clarification that would be found in a “normal” refinery, as existing plants for liquid sugar production could be used.  

Together with Sucro Canada, we developed a crystallisation system that would permit refined sugar production in one or two stages. For that purpose, this BMA machinery and equipment are currently installed:

State-of-the-art control system, high safety standards 

One major part of the work was the DCS supplied by our subsidiary BMA Automation. This state-of-the-art control system meets the highest safety standards. All essential functionalities such as interlocking, sequencing, starting and stopping are automated. Measured and equipment values are displayed on the local control panel in real time.  

The mini refinery was commissioned in August 2019. The customer is extremely satisfied with the results of the new plant and has already placed an order with BMA for engineering and equipment for an extension.