Sought-after experts

Frequent conference appearances by sugar technologists from BMA

In many sugar-producing regions, they are the most important industry events of the year: the meetings of sugar technologist associations.

Most of these associations were founded decades ago, for the advancement of technical, scientific and applied work, as their statutes say. Today, you can find them on all continents where sugar is produced from beet or cane. 

New findings in sugar production

Views and information are shared in publications or at regular members’ meetings and conferences. Members of the BMA team are active in the German Association of Sugar Technologists, VDZ for short, to name but one. And we are frequently invited as speakers to other associations’ conferences. Our experts for the entire sugar production process present papers on many fascinating topics.

In 2018, colleagues from BMA will again attend many trade fairs and conferences – as guests, speakers or exhibitors. The focus is always on long-term dialogue and scientific and technological exchange. This will help us find answers to the urgent questions for our industry.