A team with a special talent

First meeting of BMA engineers for international project business

For our centrifugal experts in After-Sales, regular meetings are a long-established tradition. Now BMA’s on-site assembly staff in the project business have followed suit: they had their first meeting in Braunschweig at the end of last year.

Members from our international team, who represent BMA in many countries worldwide, had travelled to our head office in Braunschweig. Everybody quickly realised the enormous benefits of meeting up again – to share information on developments, improve communication, and advance knowledge transfer.

A wealth of experience

So, who is on the team? Some team members have been in the business for over 40 years. Others have come from different sectors of industry, and even from our customers. Both the youngest and the oldest person learned their trade at BMA. And they all share one talent: organising and running the assembly of refineries in the Far East or of extraction plants in Eastern Europe.

Experts from different BMA departments used this platform to tell them about the latest developments in sugar technology, design and engineering. Other topics such as the 5S method or construction site safety were covered by the team themselves. The event was in fact also an excellent opportunity for bringing everybody up to date.

Major challenges ahead

Key challenges for the future are meeting the demand for training, keeping tools up to date, and further developing travel risk management.