Webinar: Modelling the extraction performance of a diffuser station

An extended model of a diffuser extraction process is developed, which defines the extraction process of the diffuser in three phases. New non-dimensional performance indicators are developed, namely the mixing factor, percolation factor and diffusion factor. These indicators describe and quantify the different phases of the diffuser extraction process. The model is capable of assessing and predicting the effect of cane quality (brix, pol), cane preparation, interstage juice by-passing/recirculation, bagasse bed height, bagasse bed speed, press water addition and imbibition % fibre on diffuser performance. It is linked with a mill extraction model to determine the extraction performance of the entire station. This paper describes the diffuser extraction model and presents the simulation results of solving the model in analytical mode for a cane diffuser.

Speaker: Dr Omkar Thaval

Language: English