Anytime, anywhere

A new platform for the BMA Group's quality strategy

The intranet-based BMA Enterprise Quality Management links all employees of the BMA Group. In the office, at a customer site, or on the road - they can access the quality management platform at any time and from anywhere.

BMA is an international leader in mechanical and plant engineering for the sugar industry, which is why our products and services have to comply with laws and regulations beyond national borders. At the same time, we have our own set of quality standards, which reflect our stakeholders' objectiveness and requirements. They can only be met if we have high-quality internal and external processes.

Quick and reliable information sharing

For this purpose, BMA has launched BMA Enterprise Quality Management (eQM). Based on Microsoft SharePoint, this QM platform is accessible 24/7, enabling quick and secure information sharing across the Group. It offers all subsidiaries the same opportunities for showcasing and continuously improving their local quality strategies and achievements.

BMA quality standards are defined in the integrated BMA management handbook. We use this channel to communicate to our stakeholders how we ensure the quality of our products and services. At the same time, the handbook is aimed at all BMA employees, engaging and assisting them to create quality awareness in the workplace. It is reviewed annually for validity and relevance by the Board of Directors.

The same high standards worldwide

One example of a consistent quality management is our compliance policy, which forms the basis for an open, honest and transparent culture at BMA. The policy has been included as a process in BMA quality standards across the globe. This clearly illustrates the importance of our eQM: the process is made available to all subsidiaries and adapted to their local processes. This enables all BMA subsidiaries to deliver the same high standards across the globe. Our compliance policy defines rules of conduct at work and outlines eight key principles at BMA: delighted customers, mutual respect, cross-cultural enrichment, consistency, honesty, trust, professionalism and innovation.

The QM platform also furthers the integration of major processes in HSE, environmental management and energy management. The motto for eQM at BMA is “One quality across the group. Global management, regional execution”.