Always at the cutting edge

BMA’s involvement in professional associations and organisations

For over 160 years, BMA has been the first point of contact for all matters relating to the industrial production and refining of sugar. During this time, we have developed many methods and plants, as well as continuously expanding our knowledge. The involvement by BMA and its employees in international associations and professional organisations for sugar technologists are one factor of our success.

Conferences organised by these bodies are excellent opportunities for learning about current technical developments and trends. Contributions by the BMA team have included many papers on product development and process optimisation, participation in symposia or working groups, and presentations during exhibitions and poster sessions. We also share our experiences with different bodies within the associations.

From Germany to the USA and to Australia

With their different focuses – national, European and international – the following associations and professional organisations are particularly important for BMA:

  • VDZ – Verein Deutscher Zuckertechniker ( The German Association of Sugar Technologists (VDZ) was founded in 1891. Its aim is to promote scientific, technical and practical work in the sugar industry by bringing together chemists and engineers working in that field. VDZ events significantly help to broaden the knowledge base. BMA regularly contributes presentations and discussion papers, has a member on the VDZ executive committee and participates in several working groups.
  • ESST – European Society for Sugar Technology ( ESST was founded in 2007, taking over the functions of CITS (Commission Internationale Technique de Sucrerie). BMA is a supporting member and regularly attends the bi-annual technical conferences.
  • SIT – Sugar Industry Technologists ( SIT was founded in the United States in 1941 by several North American sugar refineries. It has since grown to an international association with a membership of about 100 companies and over 500 individual members from around the world. BMA is an allied corporate member of SIT, and several people from our team are individual members. BMA regularly attends the technical conferences held annually in different locations around the globe.
  • ISSCT – International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists ( ISSCT is also an association of corporate and individual members such as scientists, technologists or managers, concerned with the cane sugar industry and its co-products. BMA and several people from our team are members of the German ISSCT group. BMA regularly presents technical papers at the ISSCT congress held every three years.

In addition, BMA attends conferences with a more regional focus, such as the events organised by: