• 21,000 tons of beet processed every day

Times seven

Huge performance boost for Kirsanov sugar factory

Due to be commissioned in 2021: the new sugar factory near the Russian town of Kirsanov, immediately next to the old factory site. And what distinguishes the new plant from the old one? First of all its capacity, which will be seven times higher. 

In theory, the sugar factory will process 21,000 tons of beet per day. In actual fact, it will be a few more tons, because of the new plant’s reserves.

More energy-efficient processes

At the heart of the factory is the new evaporator station from BMA. This will ensure more than just the necessary output. Falling-film evaporator technology from BMA is the key component that secures energy-efficient and reliable operation of a sugar factory. It is, in fact, a crucial factor in the heat balance. Perfectly tailored to the overall process, falling-film evaporators allow effective action to increase the energy efficiency of upstream or downstream process steps.

By now, the evaporator station has started to take shape. All nine evaporators were delivered at the end of 2017, and before the year was out, almost half of the plants had been installed. The others followed in March, because of the weather. 

Production to start in three years’ time

The major stations will be interconnected step by step, which is why the evaporator station will be put “into hibernation” for now. Its flanges will be fitted with blind flanges and the interior of the evaporators will be sealed. In three years’ time, the station will be brought to life, when the factory is commissioned.