Excellent DNA

Available now – the new, extremely compact model of the K3 series: the K3080.

Meet the new addition to our product range of continuous centrifugals, the extremely compact K3080. It has excellent DNA: with more than 500 machines commissioned since 2010, the K3 series has been setting new standards in centrifugal design. The K3080 succeeds the K850 and K1100. It is the perfect solution for use in refineries.

The K3300 from BMA is a success story. Since its market launch in 2010, we have sold more than 500 machines. So why introduce a new model? It’s quite simple really: the K3300 was developed for high throughputs such as found mainly in large beet or cane sugar factories. But the BMA range lacked a model geared to the requirements of smaller factories and refineries – until now.

The K3080 is a third-generation continuous centrifugal with an upper basket diameter of 1,080 mm, hence its name. It is designed to process approx. 17 t/h of A product, 15 t/h of B product or 10 t / h of C product. Clearly, the actual throughput depends on operating conditions such as the massecuite properties.

The key features of the new K3080: it is smaller than the K3300, but as efficient and with the same quality characteristics.

From the same family

BMA are experts in centrifugal design with professional knowledge of the processes in sugar factories and refineries. With these combined skills, we develop solutions that set standards in the market. Based on the K3300, our K3080 meets the highest technological standards. All parts that come into contact with the product are made from stainless steel, a major bene t in hygiene.

The machine was designed with a focus on efficiency, modularity and usability. The family resemblance between the K3080 and its bigger sister is quite striking – but the two have more in common than their compact square design. At 1,800 mm wide, 1,800 mm long (2,520 mm including the motor) and 960 mm high, the K3080 needs only little space and weighs 2.3 tons overall. This makes the K3080 the perfect replacement for older (BMA) centrifugals, as it requires few adjustments to t into an existing centrifugal station.

Elliptical discharge openings for more efficiency

Maximum output and minimum input – this definition of efficiency also applies to centrifugals. For BMA it means having to find the perfect balance between throughput and availability on the one hand, and investment and maintenance costs and the need for parts on the other.

Despite its small basket diameter, the K3080 boasts an impressive processing rate. This is largely thanks to the elliptical discharge openings in the basket. The centrifugal is driven by a premium- efficiency 55kW motor (energy efficiency class IE3) – a de nite bonus for energy consumption.

Good accessibility thanks to improved maintenance openings, fewer wear parts, and the use of maintenance-free components such as
V belts make for longer service intervals and shorter maintenance times. The use of long-life components and a well thought-out design have also paid off. The rubber buffers, for instance, are positioned outside the heat- affected zone. All these measures help minimise maintenance costs.

Modular structure for custom configuration

Designing our centrifugals in such a way that they can be easily adapted to the operating conditions in any factory or refinery has proved to be an excellent approach. With its modular additions to the basic model, the new K3080, too, can meet the requirements of any company. An example: the housing comes in several variants and can be easily converted, for the discharge of either dry sugar via an outlet cone onto a conveying unit, or of mixed or melted sugar directly via pipes. So, whether the focus is on throughput, sugar or syrup quality, this centrifugal can be tailored to meet your goals.

The PLC-based control system from BMA, developed specially for continuous centrifugals, comes in a number of configurations based on components from, for instance, Siemens or Allen-Bradley. It has already proved successful with the K3300 and permits consistent operation of all state-of-the-art continuous centrifugals from BMA. The basic package comprises a broad range of sensors, such as a vibration sensor for maximum reliability.

Easy to operate

In terms of its connections and usability, the K3080 relies on a winning plug-and- produce approach. Its central connection points for water and steam, and excellent accessibility of the controls thanks to its small size make the centrifugal very easy to handle. The samplers for sugar and syrup are located at the front for easy access. And customers can choose from a range of user interface languages – at no extra cost, of course.

From a prototype to a market-ready product

We tested the K3080 in detail in the La Magdalena cane sugar factory, where it was used to process C massecuite. Thanks to the excellent collaboration with the El Salvador factory, we were able to try out various modes of operation – with impressive results. In fact, our customer has decided to keep the machine! Once the findings had been implemented in pilot production and following further test runs, the product was ready: the small but powerful K3080 centrifugal from BMA.