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By the end of 2015, sugar prices had bottomed out and soon after, analysts recorded a clear rise.

So things are looking up. It remains to be seen how strong a trend this is and how long it will continue. Already influences from various sources are felt, for instance, excess production, the currency development of the Brazilian real, and speculative trading.

Mechanical and plant engineering firms are closely watching these developments in the sugar industry, in order to draw the right conclusions. A robust business strategy will certainly be of benefit. In the past two years, BMA has set itself up to be better prepared for the cyclical movements of the market. Thanks to reliable collaboration on an equal footing in our global network of subsidiaries, we can today concentrate our capacities and expertise where they are needed, while consolidating them in other locations.

BMA is moving ahead in leaps and bounds with its plan to become a provider of integrated solutions to the sugar industry. Engineering, procurement and construction – EPC is now BMA’s principle of supply: we deliver single machines with peripheral equipment, complete process steps, and even whole plants. This is how a new sugar refinery is taking shape in the Chinese port of Dafeng, about 250 km north of Shanghai as the crow flies. The detailed engineering is finished; the next steps will be the supply of key equipment for the core process and providing staff for supervision during assembly and commissioning.

It is just one of our EPC projects you can read about in this year’s BMA Info. You could also find out about the latest leap in development our centrifugals have made. We received customer orders for more than 500 K3300 centrifugals in the past six years. With the new K3080, due to launch in mid- 2017, we are planning to continue the success of this range. Alongside our technological advances, we have also enhanced the control systems for our machines: to ensure that batch centrifugal operation is synchronised with the factory’s production, BMA has developed Smart Sequencing.

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In the meantime, why not sit back and enjoy reading this latest issue of BMA Info.

BMA Board of Directors