Uzbek sugar sector increases output with the help of BMA

Angren Shakar sugar factory: new equipment for more efficiency and profitability

Angren Shakar, Uzbekistan’s pioneer in sugar production, has successfully upgraded its capacity. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and innovative automation solutions from BMA, the sugar factory has increased its white sugar output from 1,000 to 1,400 tpd. This achievement is testimony to a successful and trusting partnership with BMA spanning more than a decade.

A pioneer in the sugar sector thanks to technology from BMA 

Back in August 2014, Angren Shakar started sugar production in a plant that has since been considered a cross-sector flagship project. Developed in close collaboration with BMA, the refinery has strengthened the economy in the Tashkent region and created a large number of jobs. BMA was responsible for the extensive engineering work, supplied most of the technical equipment, and carried out both assembly and commissioning. 

Capacity upgrade with sugar factory equipment from BMA 

Angren Shakar opted for a capacity upgrade to meet the rising demand for sugar and boost efficiency. This latest collaboration with BMA, who supplied the necessary technology, emphasises the bond of trust in our partnership spanning many years. The order comprised two batch pans, a strike receiver, a falling-film evaporator, a vertical sugar cooler and a range of pumps and conveying systems. 

Smooth integration of BMA technology during operation 

The new equipment was integrated during operation, overseen by a BMA site supervisor, who ensured that everything ran smoothly. Following a brief production stop, the upgraded plants were restarted successfully and without complications. Engineers from BMA made a major contribution on site, ensuring the success of the project with their expertise and direct support. 

Sugar production with automation supplied by BMA 

The last step of the upgrade at Angren Shakar was the commissioning of the smart.sequencing automation system for the centrifugals from BMA. Thanks to this very advanced technology from BMA, in combination with state-of-the-art software and efficient sequencing processes, centrifugal performance has been significantly improved and operating costs reduced at the same time. 

Angren Shakar and BMA together shape sugar production in Uzbekistan 

The latest upgrade of the sugar factory capacity is the result of the excellent partnership between Angren Shakar and BMA. In addition, their successful collaboration has laid the foundations for further joint projects and future achievements.