We make no compromises


A compromise is a solution that is reached by all sides making concessions and accepted by all stakeholders. But we set the highest standards – for our products, ourselves and our international organisation. So we make no compromises. 

Which is why we continue to enhance our product portfolio and improve our internal processes. “The right centrifugal for every need” – that is the motto we are true to. In our extensive range of options, you will always find the perfect centrifugal configuration for your needs. And if you do have additional requirements, our experts will be pleased to develop a custom solution together with you.  

We always make sure that what you get is the proven BMA quality you are used to. An example: all batch centrifugal baskets are subjected to a load test in our unique test rig – but that’s not all! We also run a comprehensive factory acceptance test (FAT) on every centrifugal before it leaves our workshops.

The complete package we offer comprises, of course, our process expertise. BMA has been known as an expert solution partner to the sugar industry for over 160 years. So it goes without saying that our technologists are closely involved in centrifugal development. 

What’s important to us

  • Meeting the highest quality standards
  • Custom configurations
  • Meeting different regional requirements
  • Excellent value for money
  • Competitive delivery 

No compromise on quality: focus on centrifugal efficiency

Minimum input and maximum output – this definition of efficiency also applies to centrifugals. For BMA it means having to find the perfect balance between throughput and availability on the one hand, and investment and maintenance costs, and the need for parts on the other.

Efficiency is one of the main criteria that drive all product development at BMA. Implemented successfully also in our latest centrifugal model, the K3080. 

Available since last year, this compact continuous centrifugal offers quite a high throughput for its size. It can also be configured to match your process requirements precisely – whether your focus is on throughput, or sugar or syrup quality. 

The K3080 offers excellent value for money – but that is not the only reason why it is perfect for small sugar factories and refineries, or as an add-on to an existing centrifugal station. It’s also because the K3080 still meets all our quality standards. 

And it comes with the same service as its “big sisters” – whether it is configuration, professional commissioning or maintenance you need. 

No compromise on quality: knowledge transfer throughout the BMA Group

We know what’s important to you. And we share this knowledge across the whole BMA network, both internally and with our agents around the globe. After all, knowledge forms an excellent basis for perfect custom solutions. Which is why we have set up a training programme, especially for new partners, to give them a better understanding of how BMA  solutions meet the challenges of sugar production. 

One good example is the crash course we ran in Bangkok in late 2017. In Southeast Asia, the sugar sector is booming.

Many new projects are in the pipeline, both greenfield developments and upgrades of existing sugar factories and refineries. In 2017, we secured the support of another expert partner in the region, Rieckermann (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Now we can serve our customers in Thailand even better, advising and assisting them in planning and implementing their projects. Needless to say, that would not be possible in our rather special industry without transfer of the appropriate technical knowledge. During training, we introduced the new colleagues from Rieckermann to BMA solutions for the sugar industry. We particularly focused on our centrifugals’ benefits: high efficiency, low life cycle costs, plus a wide range of configuration options from BMA’s extensive portfolio.

We also used the opportunity to provide additional training to our new sales manager at BMA China.

And this seminar will not be the last of its kind; it will, in fact, be the first in a whole series of crash courses. Not only BMA “novices” are reaping the benefits of this seminar: it is most of all you, our customers, who will enjoy the BMA (assistance) quality you are used to, available near you.

No compromise on quality: continuous workflow development

We set ourselves the same standards that we apply to our machines. And we regularly review our structures and processes, looking for ways of improving them. 

Last year, for instance, we took a close look at the final assembly of our centrifugals. Because even though the components are manufactured on state-of-the-art automatic precision machinery, final assem-
bly is largely a manual task.

Using suitable analytical methods, we looked at the work processes in meticulous detail and have since restructured them. This has allowed us to simplify planning, achieving greater precision – and more. We have also gained valuable insights into how to improve workplace ergonomics. Based on the results of our analysis, the workplaces will now be redesigned, taking into account ergonomic and workflow aspects. Our primary goal is to identify potential disruptions and time wasters, and to eliminate them. That will benefit both our employees, who gain a better workplace, and our customers, who can be sure to get efficiency and quality.

We consider this an ongoing process. Because only by continuously improving both our company and our centrifugal