Visit from Ingenio La Union, Guatemala to see VKT plants in Germany

We were thrilled to welcome our customers from Ingenio La Union, Guatemala. The purpose of their visit? To see our VKT (Vertical Continuous Pan) in action!

Vertical continuous pans (VKT) from BMA were developed to ensure maximum exhaustion or crystal content for a wide range of massecuite purities in the beet and cane sugar factories and sugar refineries. To date, VKT have been installed in more than 75 factories, meeting very high requirements: process continuity, massecuite with a high crystal content, and a small footprint for outside installation.

After a comprehensive tour of our manufacturing facilities, we headed to Klein Wanzleben to visit the Nordzucker sugar factory. This factory is a proud operator of not one but three BMA VKTs (A, B, and C Products).  It was a fantastic opportunity for our guests to see the VKT they will soon be operating in their own facilities. We’re proud to have produced and delivered this VKT for LA UNION and look forward to its upcoming commissioning.