A new course

Reorientation of BMA America now complete

In 2018, BMA management undertook a fundamental review and evaluation of BMA America's commercial, organisational, operational, and financial situation. The result og this analysis was a reorientation of the company.

The key points of BMA America's new course are to focus on the company's core strengths, and improve customer service levels. The supervisory board approved a multifaceted plan to realign the business unit to better coincide with the BMA Group's vision of being the first point of contact for sugar industry solutions worldwide also in the Americas region. The plan included, among other things, discontinuation of local non-core custom fabrication activities and investments in Sales, Service, Spare Parts, Engineering, and Project Management.

Better links with partners

What is the situation today? One key success factor of BMA America’s reorientation is accelerated responsiveness to customer demands and better fulfilment of customer expectations. Efficiency is up, transaction costs and throughput times are down, and the supply chain is seamlessly integrated with the processes. The company has relocated to a strategically advantageous location in Charlotte, North Carolina, which provides an enhanced logistical infrastructure. BMA America now benefits from better access to key markets and close proximity to critical business partners and vendors. Charlotte is considered business-friendly. It is one of the United States’ business locations with the strongest growth. More than 200 German companies have offices here.

Relocation complete

The reorientation of BMA America began in March 2019 and concluded in September, with the move into the new offices and first use of the warehouse facilities. Eighteen BMA team members now work in the company to build and sustain the good reputation of BMA products and services in the Americas.