On course for success

BMA Russia steps up production of plants

BMA Russia has been consistently expanding the manufacture of technical equipment. As a result, far more locally produced top-range technology from BMA is available for sugar factories in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.  

Our Russian subsidiary now has its own engineering office, where BMA Russia’s design team prepare the engineering documents for the manufacture of equipment in Russia. Thanks to close collaboration with BMA AG’s design team, it has taken very little time to complete all preparations for manufacture to BMA Group standards, the Russian GOST standards and the technical standards of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). BMA Russia uses the latest design and modelling software.

For the Krivets sugar factory

Our first manufacturing contract was the upgrade of the Krivets sugar factory, which required a range of equipment. Based on our own designs, we produced plants for crystallisation, beet washing and juice purification.

Our workshops are based in Central Russia, at Liski in Voronezh oblast, around 100 km from BMA Russia’s head office. Our original workshop area of 300 m2 in 2017 has increased to 1,000 m2 at present. The production site boasts the latest equipment for metal working and rolling, plasma cutting, welding etc. Our team is made up of highly qualified staff with many years of experience – for instance, welders holding a national certificate for orbital and gas metal arc (MIG/MAG/WIG) welding.

Equipment for a range of customers

These are some of the plants and equipment we built in 2019: 

  • OVC vertical cooling crystallisers; dimensions: 5.2 x 19.5 m (300 m³ capacity) and 5.2 x 24.7 m (400 m³ capacity) for the Atmis-Sakhar sugar factories of the SUCDEN Group (Penza oblast) and ООО “Promsakhar” (Kursk oblast).
  • DVK batch pans with a capacity of 60 t (D4000) and 75 t (D4400) respectively, made from mild and stainless steels. Assembly work at the Sergach (Nizhny Novgorod oblast) and Bekovo (Penza oblast) sugar factories was supervised by technical staff from BMA Russia. All equipment was tested and commissioned under the guidance of technologists from BMA Russia.
  • We manufactured strike receivers with agitators, standard agitators for thick juice, receivers, heat exchangers and other ancillary equipment for a number of Russian customers.

With dedicated investments, we have expanded our range of beet washing products. This is some of our contract work:  

  • Stone separator
  • Separator for leaves and straw with a pneumatic hoist
  • Classifier for beet fragments
  • This equipment has been tested and will now be prepared for commissioning in a Russian sugar factory.